September 14-15, 2022 – “Think_Together ARTS AND CULTURAL EDUCATION, RESILIENCE and SUSTAINABILITY” – International Conference and ENO Meeting, Vienna, Austria

The OeAD and EDUCULT invite in the framework of ENO to the conference and exchange of practice ”Think_together arts and cultural education, resilience and sustainability” in Vienna. Together with European researchers as well as teachers, artists and cultural educators from Austria, the conference will discuss which practice and perspectives arts and cultural education is developing for a resilient and sustainable approach to transformations.

Starting from the acute crises with global effects – climate change, pandemic, war in Europe – this question will be explored on a systemic and on a practice level.

On a systemic level, the concept of resilience – understood here as the robustness, coping capacity and also learning ability of systems – is closely linked to the concept of sustainability. Sustainability can only be achieved if ecological, social, economic and cultural aspects are taken into account. Which sustainable strategies (such as promoting structures instead of promoting projects) can support resilience in the field of cultural education?

At the same time, arts and cultural education can contribute to the individual resilience of its agents as well as its learners. But what do spaces for action and ways of working in cultural education actually have to look like in order to be able to cope with difficult life circumstances? How have they already changed and what role does the aspect of cooperation play in this?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

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Thursday, September 15, 2022 - Public Conference and exchange of practice for teachers, artists, cultural educators and researchers

14:00 / 2 pm


Sirikit Amann, OeAD, Education and Society (AT)
Charlotte Svendler Nielsen, Chair of ENO, University of Copenhagen (DK)

14:15 / 2:15 pm


Markus Jeschaunig, Agent in the Biosphere, artist and architect, Graz (AT)

14:45 / 2:45 pm

Panel Discussion: What kind of arts and cultural education is needed in times of transition?

Ulrike Gießner-Bogner, OeAD, Cultural Education with Schools (AT)
Susanne Keuchel, Academy of Arts Education (DE)
Baiba Molnika, University of Latvia, Latvian Commission for UNESCO (LV)
Edwin van Merkeerk, Radboud University (NL)

Moderation: Aron Weigl, EDUCULT (AT)

15:45 / 3:45 pm Break
16:00 / 4 pm Workshops

Katharina Anzengruber, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg – Mozarteum
University Salzburg (AT)
Sheri Avraham, D/Arts – Projektbüro für Diversität und urbanen Dialog (AT)
Stephanie Godec, Austrian Commission for UNESCO (AT)
Mona Jas / Stefanie Fröhlich, KinderKunstLabor St. Pölten 2024 (AT)
Tanja Klepacki, UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture in Education,
Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg (DE)
Elmira Shemsedinova, artist and art teacher, Kiev (UA) /
Anton Lederer, Office Ukraine Graz at: < rotor > (AT)

17:30 / 5:30 pm Break
17:45 / 5:45 pm

Conclusion in plenary session

Gabriele Stöger, moderation
Gudrun Jöller, graphic recording

19:00-21:00 /
7-9 pm

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Friday, September 16, 2022

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Registration and Further Information

Venue: Kardinal König Haus, 1130 Vienna

Conference languages: English and German (plenary sessions: simultaneous translation)

REGISTRATION until 13 September 2022

We think about tomorrow: Therefore it is our OeAD goal that this will be an ÖkoEvent!

Please travel by public transport if possible (tramway line 60 to Jagdschloßgasse,

The current COVID prevention measures for Vienna apply.

Wearing an FFP2 mask is recommended!