Founding & Mission

The European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO) is an NGO in official partnership with UNESCO (consultative status), which connects research and practice in European countries and monitors the developments of the field.

ENO aims to:

  • facilitate the exchange of research findings and innovative practice
  • stimulate new research in the field
  • support the quality development of arts and cultural education within the framework of global UNESCO-policies and guidelines for education, culture and sustainable development.


GOAL 1 Advocate for research in arts education
GOAL 2 Contribute to research-based advocacy (with other organisations) for recommendations of policy changes and practices of arts and cultural education
GOAL 3 Monitor arts and cultural education developments
GOAL 4 Make research results available (also non-English publications)
GOAL 5 Build bridges between research and practice incl. share interesting insights and approaches
GOAL 6 Develop new research of high quality and relevance for practice
GOAL 7 Initiate (joint) projects with respect to UNESCO goals


In 2023 ENO obtained the status of a NGO in official partnership with UNESCO (consultative status).
Furthermore, the members of ENO strive to build innovative, strategic and permanent partnerships with other networks and institutions from practice, policy and academia. For this ENO collaborates with both national (e.g. universities, university colleges, knowledge centres) and international organisations, networks and platforms (e.g. UNITWIN Arts Education Research for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development, ACEnet). The network is also in close contact with (inter)national organistions.