Month: April 2019


April 10-12, 2019 – “More than Bytes: Conference on digitalisation and cultural education” – International Conference and ENO Meeting, Vienna, Austria

Cultural and digital education are prerequisites for forward-looking, individualized learning that promotes self-competence, creativity and flexibility. Digital education in the context of arts education is a relatively young approach that needs to be tested, also in terms of a reflective distance. How can artists and mediators work with pupils using digital media in the field of arts education? How are teachers prepared for these challenges to engage in creative processes in the context of cultural and digital education? We live in a media society that uses “old” and “new” – analogue and digital – media in a linked and interactive way. Cultural media education, as part of general education, enables children and young people to orient themselves in an increasingly medial and mediated world. Digitalisation strategies in Europe have also triggered discussion in the area of cultural education on how cultural workers work with students in the context of digital media. The conference will cover research findings on the subject area and showcase models of how the practical implementation in different countries in Europe works in the field of cultural education. The spectrum ranges from the education of future teachers, to the use in school, to the informal education of young people in the context of digitalisation.

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