Month: October 2021


October 20-22, 2021 – “Global learning in postcolonial times? New perspectives on arts and culture” – International Conference and ENO Meeting, Remscheid, Germany

Global learning is an approach to education that aims to take a‚ global, i.e. holistic, multi-perspective and comprehensive view of teaching subjects rather than in a fragmented, particular or discipline-specific way.

Postcolonialism is a cultural-theoretical approach that ties in with anti-imperialist movements and is directed against the prevailing ethno- and Eurocentrism. The central theme is the continued influence of colonial structures on a formally decolonized present, in order to make clear that the colonial power relations have not been overcome. Didactically, an emancipatory approach is pursued that aims to reconstruct the cultural knowledge base.

Both approaches aim at a change of perspective on teaching subjects and knowledge stocks in observation and attitude. What do these approaches mean for the arts and arts education? How can we detach ourselves from existing approaches within arts education and maintain an open attitude to grasp the multi-perspectivity of the arts in a variety of dimensions? How do we promote multi-perspective viewpoints in the sense of global learning?

Based on postcolonial and global learning perspectives, the conference will discuss these questions in order to jointly develop recommendations for new educational perspectives on art and culture. It offers a large number of panel discussions and invited lectures from renowned speakers from all over the world.


The conference will be a hybrid event allowing for you to choose to attend in person or online. This event will be held in the Academy of Arts Education in Remscheid (Germany) and broadcast live for those attending online. Conference language is English.

Cultural Diversity Barometer 2017: a video produced by ENO Germany in collaboration with many ENO members. Do take a look!